MACAU GP LEGENDS – Félix da Costa – 2016

“António Félix da Costa wins the Macau F3 Grand Prix in 2016”

Acrylic on canvas
70 x 70 cm
© João Saldanha 2017

After having won the F3 Grand prix for the first time in 2012 and raced for the last time  in 2013 Félix da Costa was given a chance to race in the 2016 Grand Prix. Making the best use of his experience in the Formula E urban circuits Félix da Costa won with a  festival of driving to become the first portuguese to win two times the legendary Macau Grand Prix. Here Félix da Costa takes the famous Melco bend before descending to the faster section of the Guia Circuit.


MACAU GP LEGENDS – Rosberg & Hamilton – 2004

“Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the 2004 Macau F3 Grand Prix”

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 50 cm
© João Saldanha 2016

The Macau GP was once the stage for one the many rivalry episodes between the two World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

In 2004 Hamilton won the qualification race from Rosberg.

In the main race pole siter Hamilton is overtaken at start by Rosberg but in the second lap Rosberg misses the breaking to the Lisboa bend and hits the barriers while Hamilton who followed him closely cant’t avoid the colision bringing their race to a dramatic finish.

MACAU GP LEGENDS – Hakkinen & Schumacher – 1990

“Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher at the 1990 Macau Grand Prix”

Acrylic on canvas
120 x 60 cm
(c) João Saldanha 2017

In 1990 the F3 Macau Grand Prix would be dramatically decided in the penultimate lap between the future F1 World Champions Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher.
In the first leg Hakkinnen came in first with Schumacher following but in the second and decisive race Schumacher was leading and had Hakkinnen on his tail and the finn toke a chance to overtake on the main straight but the collision hapened and wile Hakkinnen had to quit his rival went on to win the race even with a broken rear wing.

MACAU GP LEGENDS – Ayrton Senna – 1983

“Ayrton Senna wins the 1983 Macau Grand Prix”

Acrylic on canvas
100 x 56 cm
(c) João Saldanha 2016

After having won the British F3 Championship and just before ascending to Formula 1 Ayrton Senna from Brasil took part in the first international F3 race in the Guia Circuit. Senna didn´t know the circuit and arrived at Macau just the day before the begining of the practice sessions but all this didn´t stop him from getting the pole-position in front of a more experienced Roberto Guerrero. Racing for local entrepeneur Teddy Yip´s Theodore Racing in a Ralt RT3-Toyota so familiar to him the brasilian rising star was always in command keeping a good distance to Roberto Guerrero. Here Senna goes thru the Lisboa Hotel bend with it´s notorius bird cage walls of chinese inspiration.

MACAU GP LEGENDS – Race of Giants – 1978

“Race of Giants”

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 40 cm
(c) João Saldanha 2016

In the 1978 event a special race was organized to celebrate the 25th Aniversary of the Macau Grand Prix and some of the world´s best drivers of that time, including 4 World Champions and all raced identical Zakspeed Ford Escort.

MACAU GP LEGENDS – John Macdonald – 1973

“John Macdonald wins the Macau Grand Prix in 1973”

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 70 cm
(c) João Saldanha 2016

The british driver from Hong Kong is the only one to have won the Macau Grand Prix in the event three categories, the Grand Prix (1965,1972,1973 e 1975) the Motorcycling Grand Prix (1969) and the Guia Race (1972) wich granted him the title of “King of Macau”.

Here Macdonald arrives at the Lisboa Hotel bend after the long and fast main straight.

MACAU GP LEGENDS – Arsenio Laurel – 1963

“Arsenio Laurel wins the Macau Grand Prix in 1963”

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 50 cm
(c) João Saldanha 2016

Arsenio “Dodgie” Laurel from the Philipines was the first two-time winner of the Macau Grand Prix after finishing first in the 1962 race always at the weel of a Lotus 22. It may not have been a victory as dramatic as the 62 win but after breaking the lap record four times Laurel had become a legend in his own right. Laurel would eventualy become the first driver to die while racing in the Macau Grand Prix when he crashed and his Lotus 41 caught fire on the third lap of the 1967 race. Here Laurel takes the main strait with the main stands (built by the end of the 50´s) and time-keeping stand in the background.